Its important to note

I haven’t really talked about my mental health recently, this isn’t because I have suddenly cured myself. Its because this at the moment is my normal.

I am amazed by the human brain, you get something like mine which has a kink, something somewhere doesn’t seem to be working, instead of trying to fix it, my brain just goes, well lets get use to this.

Not leaving the house apart from to walk the dog and do the school run, is normal for me. Avoiding people at all costs, is normal for me, sometimes not being able to get out of bed is normal for me. The panic I get when it comes up to the school run is normal.

I can look back in the past and I remember working in retail at Christmas (before the internet became a big thing) I remember flying all over the world but it seems so distant. as though it has happened to someone else.

I know that at some point I will be able to do those sort of things again but that seems like a distant dream.

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3 Responses to Its important to note

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  2. Cyranny says:

    I don’t know much about you yet, but I can relate in part to what you’re saying here, and I think that the fact that you share your thoughts will most probably help a lot change this distant dream to one at arm’s reach…. Baby steps will lead you a long way 🙂 xx

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