I wish we had the answer

My heart and thoughts go out to all those effected in Las Vegas. Another devestating tragedy.

I wish we had an answer for how to stop these sort of mass shootings in the United States. I believe it is in some form of gun control. But since I don’t live the in the US, people owning guns seems foreign to me. I was very young when they more or less banned all guns in the UK.

Do I think a ban is going to do it. No, people are still going to have them, we still have them in the UK, but there is a lot of things to go through before you can own it.

Do I think its should be talked about yes, its easier to try and change something while it is still fresh in the minds of all the people. I know that it is the 2nd amendment to own a gun, but surely that was written when it was just possible to fire a round a minute we now have weapons that can fire 6,000 rounds a minute. Something needs to change

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and I think this what the rest of the world looking in, seems to think, why is it that these shootings happen time and time again but yet nothing seems to change, are the politicians expecting it not to happen again?

I hope they sort it before anything else happens, but then I said that 2 years ago when Oregon happened killing 10 people.

The only solace I can take in this is when there is a tragedy look for the helpers.

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  1. lurkingintheshadowshonestreviews says:

    Well said.

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