They always come in threes

Its been stressful day, first of all I had a man come out to look at the meters and the boiler. This involved allowing a man to come into my house. I fucking hate people in my house. It involves lots of anxiety, putting the dog upstairs. The cats don’t like people in the house, so sit there and stare.

I was feeling stressed out with that, only when I went to take my son to school, there were men outside, redoing my neighbours fence, they were hammering, and making a shit ton of noise. This means its nearly impossible for me to open my windows, let alone take the dog out.

As I am dealing with this, the boiler men arrive. Closely followed by the man my landlord pays to mow the lawn.

Jesus my anxiety was high (still is) on top of all this my usual support C, had the damn nerve to go out with a friend and have a life. I told her this was unacceptable, but she went and did it anyway. I joke sort of  😉

So I am sitting in the lounge, with a drill going off for the fence, the lawnmower going and the boiler guy unable to light the gas for my boiler.

Only for them to have to call in another guy to come fix what they have broken

I am really not built to deal with this amount of shit happening at one time.

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8 Responses to They always come in threes

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    I hate days like that, too many things going on. But at least it is all over with in one day.

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  2. Cyranny says:

    I hope your anxiety level has dropped since you wrote this… Somedays, just seems like Murphy’s on your case, right? *hugs*

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