Smart meters

We got a smart meter its basically a little box, which tells us how much we are spending on gas and electric each day.

I have never known a more depressing thing than this box. I literally spend the day staring at it going I am standing in my house alone, nothing is on unless it is battery powered. So why they hell am I still spending money on electric.

It is a horrible box but I also find it fasinating, who the hell would design something like this, its not to save money. The only thing I don’t scrimp on is gas, I don’t have this fear of turning the heating on, also because it warms up our water, I find it important. So I ignore the gas, but the electric. That I am hot on.

It is driving me nuts, my partner I think wants rid of and in part so do I, but I want to be able to spend 50p for one day, that is my aim.

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