Hate at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?

If you do, does that mean you believe in hate at first sight?


I will give you an example, I don’t think I am a mean person, I like to give people a chance to prove that they are a dick before assuming they are, but there is this one woman I see on my school drop off and pick up, she is, to my eyes, average looking. She always carries 2 bags, I think she is a childminder, or she has a lot of kids, but they seem to change everyday. I know nothing about her, other than she must live near the school because she walks. Or she could park the car further down the road than my house and walk up, that is possible. I don’t think I have ever heard her speak and yet for some reason I dislike her, I really don’t like her.


In rational moments, I feel really sorry for this woman, she has done nothing to me, I can think of, maybe something I noticed but didn’t notice, the fact remains I just dislike this woman.

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7 Responses to Hate at first sight

  1. Cyranny says:

    I know that feeling… Although I wouldn’t say I “hate” that woman (hate is such a strong word), I really didn’t like her when I first saw her… She’s a young actress, here in Montréal, and I’ve seen her on tv. I thought I had this “yuk” feeling about her because of her characters… But I have many friends in the artistic community, and I happened to see her in person. I didn’t actually talk to her, but I was close enough to see that I genuinely didn’t like her guts, though I have noooo reason to feel that way.

    So love at first sight must exist 😉

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  2. lurkingintheshadowshonestreviews says:

    It’s a real thing.

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  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I think it’s possible. Same as love/like at first sight, you just connect immediately, so the reverse could happen, too. Maybe in both cases you’ve had dealings good or bad with this person in another lifetime.? I’ve had it happen both ways, before.

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