Just my luck

There is a bug sweeping the country at the moment, it makes your throat hurt,you ache, it has flu like symptons without actually being the flu and do you want to make a guess who in my family got it?

The man who works with the public? No of course not

The child who goes to school everyday? Don’t be silly

The woman who doesn’t leave her house? Yep you got it

I haven’t felt that bad since I actually got the flu (where I really thought I was dying)

I had so much to do yesterday and from about 2pm onwards I could barely move, my partner rushed home from work, my son spent most the afternoon trying to feed me his medicine. It hurt to swallow, my head felt like it was in a fog, if I stood up I got dizzy, I was freezing cold, although apparently I was really really hot and trust me my son checked my cheeks, my eyelids, my lips and my ears.

By midnight I started feeling better, I went to bed and woke up this morning, with a sore throat but everything else seems to have cleared. What sort of a bug does that to you?

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2 Responses to Just my luck

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Feel better soon my friend, the flu is nothing to take lightly.

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