The decision

As I said in my previous post, my PIP has been disallowed. The main thing they kept saying was, you are able to do go places when prompted. Well yes I am fairly sure if I don’t go and pick my son up, then certain services will get involved.

It is based on your needs on a day to day basis. Which is fine I get that, the problem with that, is my day to day basis is not leaving my house, I survive in my bubble in my house. I am sure if I was forced to go out on a daily basis then we might have some issues.

The park I walk my dog is less than 100m from my front door and I can still see my house from it, the school my son goes to, I can see from the upstairs windows, you can walk to it in two minutes.

I have managed to go to the shops by myself once or twice, that would be the shops which are a ten minute walk from my house. You know what I have been unable to do, get to the doctors by myself, which is 5 minutes further. I don’t know why that makes a difference but it does.

The whole system is designed to fuck you over, and that to me is unforgivable, they have taken off me in the last 3 months nearly a quarter of money we use to get.

My partner tries to get more shifts, but the more money he brings in the less in benefits we get, this is the way it should be, but at times it doesn’t seem fair.

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17 Responses to The decision

  1. Simon says:

    Oh nice, keep fucking up those that struggle. The Tory way…

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