This is not what we should be teaching our daughters!

I woke up to the news that a 17 year old girl, walking home, had been assaulted 3 times on her way home in the space of an hour by, what appears to be, 3 unconnected men.

This follows a 14 year old girl, who was raped twice by 2 men, again apparently unconnected.  A 17 year old girl sexually assaulted by 2 different men on a train, again nothing to connect either man.

Its scary that at least 2 different men in the same small area have the same thought when they see a woman lets rape her.

I can hear the cries of the victim blamers, maybe if she hadn’t been wearing xyz, or she shouldn’t of been out so late, or she shouldn’t of been walking around that area.

Rape, sexual assault is never the victims fault.

The fact that these incidents have happened in the space of 4 months in different parts of the country and those are just the ones that have been reported, goes to show how much work we still have to do towards respect for women.

It is thought that there is 11 adults raped every hour, of those 1 might report it to the police.

Of the roughly 8760 reported rapes 6,855 were sent to the CPS of those 4,643 were prosecuted and of those 2,689 were convicted. These figures are based purely on rape, I couldn’t find the  full figures for sexual assault. However I will say that 11,995 were prosecuted and 9,351 were convicted.

However it is still a woeful amount for rape. Why is that? Probably because of the victim blaming. Rape is still one of only crimes were the victim is also put on trial, their sex life, what they wear, if they were drunk. This has sod all to do with the fact that a man has decided that if he wants it, he will take it.

I should be able to walk bare butt naked down a road, drunk as a sailor and yelling where is the rum, without fear of a man deciding the best thing to do is to put his dick in me. Fear of being arrested yes but not fear of being raped.

Its becoming more and more common and that is a problem for me, we should not be teaching our daughters that to not be raped, they shouldn’t be going out late, they shouldn’t be walking in certain areas, they shouldn’t be drinking, they shouldn’t be wearing that short skirt. We should be teaching our son’s not to be raping women. Its that simple of course teach your children to be safe, don’t drink a lot because if nothing else, you are going to act like an idiot and feel rough the next day, but most importantly, don’t hurt anyone, don’t sexually assault anyone, don’t rape anyone (woman in the UK can’t rape a man, legally you have to have a penis, but the sentence for sexual assault by penetration carries the same sentence as rape)

There are many reasons why rape and sexual assault are not reported because of the “shame” for any person out there that has been sexually assaulted or raped, its not your shame to bare, its for the person who did it to you.

One other reason is because rape and sexual assault victims in court, as I said above, are treated appalling. In no other crime is a victim placed on trial, their sexual habits, their drinking habits, what they wear, how they act are placed on trial for juries to consider. Imagine a burglar entering a vulnerable persons home and robbing them and in court, we turn around and go well, you can’t blame the burglar for robbing Mrs Jones, aged 78 because she invited him in, she didn’t put up a fight when he took her shopping money, its her fault because she was wearing her best hat when the robber Ted Blogs saw her, so its actually all her fault that Ted Blogs robbed her. Could you imagine the outcry if something like that happened? Yet it happens all the time in rape and sexual assault cases. The victim is seen as fair game.

Do you know 5 women? Did you know chances are that one of those five women have been sexually assaulted or raped. I shall let that sink in 1 in 5. The statistic is much lower for men its 1 in 78, but I can bet my son that its actually a lot higher, because did you know that men are much less likely to report a sexual assault or rape. But just think about it in every five women one of those has had the misfortune to meet another person who thought their needs overrided the rights of another person. I have 50 women on my facebook 10 of those have possibly been sexually assaulted or raped. It is a scary fact.

Just remember, we should not be teaching our children that it is not how they dress, how much they drink, where they go. We should be teaching our children not to become rapisits.

Finally a little video, just incase anyone you know is having difficulty understand consent.

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3 Responses to This is not what we should be teaching our daughters!

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  2. Ellen Hawley says:

    I’ve known women who were afraid to tell a man off because they thought it was too dangerous. It’s always struck me as more dangerous not to. But those women had been taught that in silence and in fear lay safety. Fuckin’ tragic.

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