One good thing!

The only good thing I can find with going through all the assessments again with regards to PIP (personal independent payment) and ESA (employment support allowance) (basically disability benefits) is the fact that I started my blog based on my horrendous journey through the benefit minefield.

And now here we are three years later, going through the same shit. I should read my about page again and the first few posts again, cause I know how the story goes and it might give me hope.

Then again given how the world has gone in the last 3 years maybe not

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6 Responses to One good thing!

  1. Simon says:

    Maybe you could show them the pages and tell the – here you go, this was three years ago – why are we doing this shit?

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    • I did think I could send them my blog, but then that would give them more ammunition to be able to say, actually look, here you are getting better. I can’t win accept to keep fighting to say people with mental health have good days and bad days. Its unreasonable to assume otherwise

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  2. Best wishes on all of your endeavors And may your journey through the beaurocrafic benefit red tape end successfully SOON… xo

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