I got a letter from the DWP

DWP being department of work and pensions, they deal with benefits. In it, it states that they owe me money.

PARTY thinks me, however I go onto read it. They can’t release the funds to me because I might owe them money.

The thing I don’t understand is why the fuck they have sent me this damn letter. If they hadn’t sent it I would have no idea if they owed me any money. Surely it would make more sense to send me a letter saying yep we ballsed up here is some more money, or whoops we ballsed up, you owe us money.

Why send the freaking letter saying they might owe me money.

Being me, I assume they have found some extra money on that magic money tree and needed to use it up to send me such a useless letter. The worst of it, it probably cost more to send me this letter than how much they think they might owe me


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