Going through the education system

When I was younger, I went to school. I would turn up, I am sure I got taught something, I can read and write, do math. I would play in the playground. These things would just happen. I remember the first time I really became aware that my parents would sort things out. Which is when choosing senior schools. (Age 11 upwards) I knew which school, I wanted to go to. I was going to it, so it shook me a bit when my parents informed me I was infact going to a different school, and not to where all my friends where going. I was not impressed. I am a mega strop.

Things turned out ok, alright so 6th form (A levels 16,17 and 18) didn’t really happen for me.

But things just happened, I remember one time I was getting packed lunches, and I went off sandwiches. Rather than tell my mum, I would chuck the sandwiches in the bin, I must of been seen or maybe my mum knew I wasn’t eating them, but I had to sit down with a teacher and talk about any problems at home. At the time it struck me as strange. I didn’t like something, so I threw it out, it never really occured to me that I was eating one meal a day, and a few snacks, as I was never a good breakfast eater.

Another time, is when I was playing, I tripped over and skidded what seemed like 100m on my chin. It was bleeding fairly heavily. I went to the teacher, and asked her if I could see the nurse, and she refused. So I went in anyway, I needed 4 stitches in my chin.

The next day the teacher came and apologised to me, again I thought that was odd, adults didn’t apologise to children. Now I realise my mum must of gone batshit at them.

I mention these things, because I had a good childhood. There weren’t the expectations there are on children today. Children these days have to SATS, these are apparently nothing to do with the child but how the school is doing. The questions though are putting every child in the same box. Children don’t work that way. Mine certainly doesn’t. He has strengths that some of his friends just don’t have, his friends have strengths that he doesn’t.

I was not happy to find out they are testing them already. Once again under the guise of seeing how the school is doing. I loved my son’s reception teacher, I thought she was really good and so far I am loving his yr 1 teacher, any complaints I have had, have been dealt with.

So why the hell are you testing 5 year old children. I have already made the decision that unless they rapidly change the SATS testing my son will be taking the day off. I don’t agree with giving children, what is basically exams, at the age of 7 and I don’t give a fig how informal they try and make them.

Children should be allowed to have a childhood for as long as possible. Too many children are forced to grow up too quickly, so surely if it is in our ability then we should try and give them a childhood. I am not talking about babying them, we can teach them things like cooking, putting things away, but to get stressed out about something which is basically teaching them that if they don’t fit in that square hole, then they are not good enough.

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4 Responses to Going through the education system

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Testing, testing, testing, it continues all the way through I’m afraid.

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    • Completely agree and I think at age 11 ish, then it is appropriate but at age 5?


      • Rosie Amber says:

        I think the problem lies with the powers that be, which require statistical evidence on the teaching, the children understand little of the tests until they get older, they are just something that all the class do, like any other day when asked to look at numbers, words and letters, and if a child is off sick, they will do the test another day.
        Have you asked the class teacher about the tests? She/he might give another POV on them that could ease your worries.

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      • I have spoken to the teacher and while it is not the KS1 tests I have a major problem with its the KS2 ones, However I want to make my point very clear now to the school, that I strongly disagree with these tests and I don’t think children should be tested at this age, especially with the questions they are given. I just fee; very strongly that it is wrong to say to children, here is a test you should be able to answer these questions like all your peers, because you should fit into this square box.

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