Being ungrateful

Yesterday my partner let me have a lie in, he got me up just before he went to work at 8.25am. This was lovely of him, I am sure you will all agree.

However, it did muck up my system slightly, I take a while to wake up for starters, I enjoy sitting catching up with things, while I have a coffee. Yesterday I found myself suddenly rushing around, no time for a coffee, had to get monkey ready for school. We have to leave by 8.40am.

Then I dropped him off, went to boil the kettle and the dog was staring at me, literally saying, “but when the small human goes out for the day, you come home and take me out. Why are you not getting ready to take me out? Am I not going out? Why? Why would you do this to me? Do you not love me? Did I do something wrong”

In the meantime I have Gizmo, standing on the kitchen top yelling at me, I can only assume he was screaming “You haven’t fed me slave, where the hell is my breakfast, I will have your head for this. I no longer love you. You are very wrong. Before the small slave goes to school you feed me. What the hell is wrong with you. You are not better than a mouse.”

While he was screaming at me, he was knocking stuff off the counter, including the empty food bowl. I am going to take a minute to point out the other food bowl, the one 2 cat steps further away, which was full.

I finally got my coffee, after taking the dog out for a walk, fed the cat, got tripped by the other cat and turned the washing machine on.

All because my partner let me have a lie in (if you are reading this honey, please don’t stop the lie ins, it was lovely)

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4 Responses to Being ungrateful

  1. Coffee first…humanity later! Lol

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    • basically, I didn’t realise how reliant I was on that half an hour to wake up, I don’t even need coffee to do it tbh, It helps but I have go days/weeks/months where I have something else instead. It just the ritual of sitting down and sorting out the day in my head

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  2. All in the days work! Coffee first thing. Always!

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