When did this become the norm?

Following on from what is happening in Hollywood and the #metoo campaign. I was reading an article. Praising a certain actor for not raping women.

When did that become a thing? And it wasn’t just the author of the article, the posts underneath was how great he was for not sexually assaulting another human being.

Personally I think I should be praised for not finding each and every person commenting and punching them in the face.

Sounds silly? Well so does praising a man for not assaulting another human being.

The world has indeed gone nuts.

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9 Responses to When did this become the norm?

  1. Cyranny says:

    I agree… What a sad sad world we live in, right?

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    • There is an interesting argument going on at the moment regarding a female presenter on a morning tv series, who went and fondled a male guest chest. If it had been a male presenter doing that to a female guest there would be outrage.

      That said I am still not going to praise a man for being able to keep his dick in his pants when I say no

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  2. That is certainly the point, you can’t bang on about how men can’t fondle a woman when a woman can happily fondle a man, I believe the argument was made well it was ok in the 70’S, well yes but that was 40 years, do we have to wait another 40 years till its ok the other way round.

    I aim to please, but I can take it if you said no :-p


  3. stomperdad says:

    If we’re handing out praise for not sexually assaulting women, perhaps I deserve one for reading your blog, too? 😀 Otherwise, I agree. There is definitely a double standard going on.

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