It can be soul destroying

After being denied PIP, I had to send it off to mandatory reconsideration which was also refused.

So I then have had to appeal to a tribunal. There is only one thing more depressing then filling out the forms for PIP its filling out the forms for the tribunal. It is making sure you go in depth so that the judge can really understand.

However it also shows you in black and white just how debilitating your illness can be and it is soul destroying, especially when you are trying to make progress in your illness, and all you can say is how bad it is.

I am trying to stay positive and to be honest if we could live without this money, I wouldn’t even bother, it is not worth it, to go through this stress and the simple fact is, it does bring you down.

I have felt a shift in my mood to a downwards spiral, and the only thing going on in my life is this damn tribunal, well Christmas, but that is only as stressful as you make it.

Myself and monkey have had a good half term, we managed to get out a few times, even explored the woods near us (OK I did drag my partner along with us as well)

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7 Responses to It can be soul destroying

  1. Tessa says:

    I am due for my disability review. Even though it is considered permanent they still review you. By the time I pay for all the dr visits and all the costs to have the forms filled out I will be even more broke. And that is if the dr cooperates and fills out the the forms in the first place. On my original review my psychiatrist refused to fill out the forms, which was just as well since she kept stabbing me in the back and I had to get another dr. So Social Security had to provide a psychiatrist to due my original review. They make it touch on us so we give up.

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