I could get use to this

After writing to my MP and getting a reply that was a couple of days late. I replied to him thanking for his input, but that my appeal had been denied and I was being forced to go to a tribunal as the next stage.

I got a reply back, which said how sorry he was and that if I could give him the tribunal number, he would write his support for me.

To be honest I am very surprised, I don’t like what he stands for, the guy has fucked the education system beyond belief and he came out with a very inapporiprate joke recently.

Also I would rather spend eternity in hell stepping on lego pieces than actually ask for his help.

Having said this of course, this money could make a big difference to us and to my son. It would mean we could pay off the debts we are starting to build up a bit quicker. I guess swallowing my morals and just hope he is a decent local MP is all I have on this one.

The fact he has replied, indicates that he is. Still won’t be voting for him next time round though.

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