Things my son says

Monkey: Mummy, mummy they are talking about William Shakespeare.
Me: Do you remember who he is
Monkey: Yes mummy he wrote thats not my monkey

Ah that sublime piece of literature that I am sure Shakespeare is proud of


Monkey: Mummy you remember when we went to see nana and she was speeding, will she get arrested?
Me; No monkey there was no police and she was only just going over the speed limit.
Monkey: We should of called the police, she was breaking the law
Me: Well we didn’t have any evidence for them to come out and arrest her
Monkey: We should buy some handcuffs and arrest her

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6 Responses to Things my son says

  1. stomperdad says:

    Ahh.. “That’s Not My Monkey” was excellent piece of drama. Probably one of my favorite pieces. Along with “That’s Not My Dinosaur” and “That’s Not My Wine”

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