Should we not say?

I sometimes engage my mouth before my brain, this also happens when I type, I type what I am thinking, it just comes out.

Danny over at dream big asks daily questions to get you thinking. One he asked was what are you doing? 

This was his Saturday question, by the time I read it, I had spent the day in agony with period pain. So I told him. He replied a bit too much information, and to be fair to him, it probably is.

But it did get me thinking, periods happen to roughly 50% of the population, but people don’t seem to talk about them, some women get away with the whole sanitary product adverts and go bare back riding on the beach wearing white. Others, like myself, go through a couple of days of hell, some get it much much much worse.

Should it be like one of those things like farts that happen, but you don’t talk about them and ignore it. I personally think more education needs to happen around them, especially with men (as a general) periods are starting earlier and earlier in girls, some as young as 9 are getting their periods and when I got mine I remember being embaressed over something that I have no control over, that is perfectly normal and that is going to effect me, for close to 40 years.

And there is going to be very few people who won’t have lived with at least one person who has to go through their periods, your mum, sister, partner, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend maybe even just a housemate and as I said above, for some people it is pure hell.

Unless you are given to a closed monastery at birth, I can bet you are going to come into contact with someone who is on their period and its not something to be ashamed at.

I did find this though that made me smile


Don’t worry though, I won’t be informing you on a monthly basis when mine turns up, unless I am suffering. As I said to Danny, if I suffer so should everyone else :-p



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