A prayer to the powers that be

To whoever.

I don’t know what I did to offend you or my parents, but I certainly didn’t deserve to be punished in this way.

I love my son but the constant questions, why why why. I remember being so happy when he said mama for the first time, if I hear mummy one more time today I think I am going to scream.

Also why did you program him to only have one volume? which seems to be loud.

The strops, I thought after getting through the toddler stage, they might get better but no, now he is louder and he can form fully coherent arguments as to why he has the right to strop. Why oh why did you make him so logical?

Why did you make him seem to have a fascination with his bum? I have just heard a song that he made up all about his backside. At full blast.

The energy. Why did you give him so much energy? Nothing seems to wear him out.

And while I am talking about my son. Why is his I am being cheeky face, one of his cutest? Do you know how hard it is to tell him off with that face.

The not listening? He can’t hear me ask him to tidy his toys but he can hear me open a chocolate bar from upstairs

Lets not go into the jokes. He only knows 2 jokes and I have heard them both today at least 100 times.

I hate inset days

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10 Responses to A prayer to the powers that be

  1. Darlene says:

    In a few years, he will be a young adult and your best friend! Of course, you will have to get through the teenage years first.

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  3. You know, as my mother always said…the mother’s curse works. Way back in the day just about all mothers threw this curse out at their children, when they said “I hope one day you have kids who are just like you!”

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  4. AND, your boy sounds adorable and quirky and fun. Though sometimes as mothers, we can’t appreciate that on a day to day basis. LOL 😀

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