I said recently that I was going to start doing surveys to earn a bit of money. Things I have discovered.

  1. That even in this day and age I am repeating the same answer, my gender, my age, my postcode.
  2. Its a lot of work for actually little money
  3. Most of them have a points system, which differs from all the others
  4. If you sign up to several sites, you might end up doing the exact survey, some will screen you out straight away as having already completed it. If they know I have completed it, then why don’t they know my age????
  5. If I had a job, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I managed something like 4 surveys in 3 hours yesterday
  6. It can become boring. However I am damn stubborn and determined to at least get something from all of these.
  7. I am predictiable enough to have started a spreadsheet.

There you go everything I have learnt. Who knows this time next year I will be saying, I have the cost of Christmas sorted because I have taken 2 billion surveys.

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4 Responses to Surveys

  1. Lmao 2 billion surveys! 😂😂

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  2. 721 thousand years, what’s the problem? 😀😀of course that’s a 40 hour week without holidays. Great post as always 😀

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