The Apprentice and others

Does anyone still watch this? I swear they are getting dumber each year.


Yesterdays episode was so bad, I had to turn it over before I threw the dog at the TV screen.

But then I have a real problem with the BBC since they put up that episode of Have I got news for you.

The only woman on the panel had to shut up the 4 men about sexual harassment.

If you are not aware since Weinstein, more and more women are stepping forward to say actually this is happening to me.

And the reaction seems to be, we need to send these men on a course. Well that seemed the reaction in the house of commons. Teresa May sent into the speaker. This would be the same guy who was accused of covering up the drinking problem that a lot of MPS seemed to have.

Just for those people that seem to be having difficulty with what is and is not acceptable, I present you this quote by Peter White

“Don’t say anything to a woman on the street, that you wouldn’t want a man to say to you in prison”




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