When is it best to reblog?

A bit of an odd title, but I was curious. On Tuesday I mainly reblogged in the evening. On Wednesday I mainly reblogged in the afternoon.

My biggest views always have come from the States, so maybe I should get with their time zones (I am in the UK) but which ones? The UK has one time zone and I am happy with it but its not in line with the US ones.

The UK is normally number 2 *waves at my mum* however recently I have Morocco, India and Germany hit the number 3 spot and even then India hit the number 2 spot on one day. *phones my mum and demands to know if she is on holiday*

Because I tend to reblog when I find something interesting, something funny or just something that makes me think I will normally just reblog it. If I can think of a post based on something I have read, I normally just reference that post and blogger.

But because I do read a large amount of posts a day, one day I can find a lot that I am thinking yep should reblog that, and other days I might not find alot. So what I have gotten into the habit of doing, is saving the posts and then reblogging them as and when.

I do this for a few reasons, one if I want to share something with people, I want to give them a chance to read it, not just to be bombarded with a lot of posts. Also I am not a blog that just reblogs other peoples work, I have posts that I want to share, that I have written and the chances are they might get buried. I might be selfish, but I want people to read what I am writing as well as other awesome posts.

So I tend to space them out, taking into account what I am writing and if I have scheduled them for what time, but it has gotten me curious, when do other people reblog? So give me your thoughts on it.


P.S stay tuned for later when I put on my share a blog/post for this weekend, around about 7pm GMT time

P.P.S Yes I just did that :-p




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6 Responses to When is it best to reblog?

  1. 7PM UK time = 2PM EDT/EST (US East Coast) to 10AM SPC (Pacific Coast), so that will certainly be see live by USA and UK readers, Trina 😀

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  2. For other I reblog as a guest post, sort of a feature. I used to do it on Wednesdays. For my own reblogs, I may reblog a cartoon from years back as I have so many new followers or I may reblog and older one that I have upgraded, improved or changed is some fashion. Anything on climate change and global warming or other scientific news I reblog only on social media FB, TW,G+ as I do not want my cartoon blog to become a social/political forum.

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    • Thats a point actually, I tend to reblog everything on everything, but it might be worth just reblogging certain things on different social media, to get them out to different people

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      • I think I could do very effective political cartooning but keep my blog with wholesome, silly, corny humor for all to have a chuckle. When you get political you lose half your viewership and I have worked to hard in creating my network and have begun to reduce the time spent arguing politics and social issues on the blogs of others except for the very few quality ones of bloggers that have supported my blog over the years.

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      • I enjoy your comics. You are right though, when you start with politics you do lose half, especially now.


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