Not really much of choice

Monkey decided that he wanted to build something with his lego. Couldn’t decide what he wanted, so gave me the options to choose.

My options were a tank, a shuttle, an airplane or a fire engine.

I first said tank, he pointed out that if he built a tank I wouldn’t be happy as he had a built a gun. So I tried again with fire engine, this was met with “No mummy, I don’t want to build that till I can have a working ladder, maybe when I am older”

I could now see where this was going. “Airplane?” I said, its a fifty fifty chance I am right. He looks at me eyes of pure disappointment and shakes his head like a weary old man.

Now I knew, what I was meant to choose I yelled in excitment “Rocket”

This suggestion was met with disgust. “A rocket? A rocket” and he walks off, comes back 2 minutes later with a rocket. “No mummy, this is a rocket. This, this is a shuttle.”

I have failed my son, firstly by not choosing the right one, and then calling a shuttle a rocket. He went upstairs where I could hear mutterings of rocket and shuttle.


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