Social media

I don’t know how many of you are on social media, more specifically facebook.

I am going to confess, I don’t get cookies and such like. I do know that when I search for something, like the sea patroller. It comes up on my personal facebook page, a lot.

Normally I just ignore it, but at this time of year, its not the most sensible thing for facebook to be doing.

Imagine it, Christmas Day. Santa has been, open all the toys and you suddenly get, “mummy why is the sea patroller on your facebook” “ummmm cause I was giving Santa ideas”

At the moment its not so much of an issue but as monkey gets older, these lies won’t last. I get I could clear all the browsing cookies but just don’t bloody advertise to me at this time of year.

Its not just the child its the partner. I use his computer when he is not here, its faster and bigger than my little laptop. I just type, I don’t want to mess with his settings, yet all it takes is for me to forget to sign out of facebook and suddenly there is his birthday present in all its glory. (Despite the fact he tells me what to get him, I want him to think I might go out on a ledge.)

I suppose my whole thing is I dont want to be advertised at all but especially not at Christmas. Stop it facebook.

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3 Responses to Social media

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  2. missmagicalmaryann says:

    That’s why I don’t use Facebook. I think Facebook is spying on people.

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