My blogging tip

I don’t really do blogging tips, however one thing I do think is very important is tags. People search the tags, so when you do a post, you check everything, put the important tags on. Hit the publish button.

What happens when you hit the reblog? Do you go about your day?

I don’t when I reblog something I go back and edit it, I edit the title and make sure to put reblog in it and then I go to tags, I make sure I put it tags that I felt were important to the article I just read.

Why does this make a difference? Lets say for example I reblog something relating to travel in Japan. I am going to put in tags things like travel, japan. those are tags I don’t normally use. What is that going to do? Bring people who search for those tags to my blog and then onto the blog I have just rebloged.

That was alot of mentions of the word blog.

You never know, if someone comes over because you have reblogged something they have searched it and found you, they might stick around.

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17 Responses to My blogging tip

  1. Simon says:

    In the tags but do you put in the #?

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  2. Sparkyjen says:

    I definitely think tags are important. Sometimes, if one of my posts seems a little sluggish, I go back and check the tags again. You are absolutely right. People search the tags, and if you don’t use the ones that gives the most relevance to your post or reblog, you are missing the plot.

    You can also update your tags if need be too. My research has told me not to put tags in willy-nilly though just to get visitors. If they arrive and see that your post has nothing whatsoever to do with what they thought it did…oops!

    I have also seen the hashtag used, but I’m thinking it might be because some bloggers want to point the way to their other social media sites, like Twitter. Just a mention!

    Thank you for reiterating this tip. Good man!!!

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  3. Thanks for the tip, I also agree about tags they do help so much! I’ve also found that going on my stats to see what are the most popular tags people search is a great way to see what content people want

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