Tee Hee

A few days ago I posted about the fact that cookies on my computer meant I was being advertised for all my son’s presents on facebook.

One of my friends saw this and mentioned to me that she thought her phone was listening to her. She had had a conversation with a friend of hers, about sex toys and was now getting adverts on  facebook for some dodgy sex toys.

I, of course, promised not to say a word to anyone.

There you go shorty, didn’t say a word. I typed it :-p

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6 Responses to Tee Hee

  1. mellissalalondeblog says:

    This is too funny! My Dad is a tech expert and will not even use things like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,….I wonder if he knows something we don’t 😉

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  2. Suze says:

    I’m pretty darned sure the camera in my computer is taking photos of us when we aren’t looking and sending them out into cyberspace….it blinks at me sometimes when I walk by. in all seriousness, if you have a blue-tooth capable puter, it IS listening to you.

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  3. mellissalalondeblog says:

    I have heard people talk about it!

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