Does anyone, anywhere have a good guide for twitter. I am still struggling with it and would like a nice simple guide.

I have no idea if one is even out there to help bloggers, but thought I would ask

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  1. I’m not on twitter. WP is the extent of my social media participation. 😃

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  2. I have a Twitter page, and my WP site links to it every time I post, but I don’t get a lot of hits onto my site through Twitter. I think Twitter’s main use is as a platform for famous people to make brief, public statements about various subjects, and for clever hashtags (of which I’ve posted a few).


  3. Suze says:

    I was on twitter but was banned from all the accounts I wanted to annoy. I am pretty sure I accomplished the annoyance that I set out to do. Now that I can only twit at people I LIKE, its boring and I quit.

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