Disturbed routine

After recovering from very bad colds for the whole family. My routine got messed up with both monkey and my partner being off. I managed to get most things done, but not without it taking forever.

If you are thinking but they were ill, well yes, but even though my very well trained son was ill, he still wanted to help with things like the hoovering.

The best way I can explain this to people who have never tried hoovering with a small child. Imagine that everytime you started up the hoovering someone would knock on your door. So you turn off the hoover and go and answer the door, have a five minute conversation with whoever it at the door, come back turn the hoover back on, only for someone else to knock on the door. Repeat for a couple of hours.

Thankfully they have both gone back now, so I can crack on, well that is what I thought,  instead, I stuggled to wake up this morning and after I dropped my son off to school, I fell asleep for 3 hours, completely my fault and no one to blame, which is why this afternoon I was running around like a blue arse fly.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day

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