*Reblog* Would You Hire Someone with Schizophrenia? Be Honest.

This is a great post.

A Journey With You

I’m slightly heartbroken. I haven’t written about this until now because I was trying to lay low about it, but I applied for a job and found out yesterday I didn’t get it. Initially, I applied for the job online. The company had me take a test. I found the test to be one of the more difficult I have taken for employment. I must have done well on the test because the company scheduled an interview. I interviewed and thought I did well. The company then set me up for a computer conference interview with two other employees. I thought that interview also went well. Part of the interview was another test. I didn’t do great on the test, but I didn’t bomb it either. In the years since I graduated from college, if I made it to the interview I almost always got the job.

I can’t help…

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9 Responses to *Reblog* Would You Hire Someone with Schizophrenia? Be Honest.

  1. Ameena k.g says:

    It is! I read it. An amazing read

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  2. sarishboo says:

    How do I follow this writer? I couldn’t find the WordPress follow button on her website?

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