The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist, however I know it is a necessary evil, I rocked up today to get my tooth to be seen to. (You can read that story here)


She did the ooohhh and arrrr, then she had me bite down, so they could take a mold of my jaw, shit did that hurt. Then the bad news, the veneers are not covered on the NHS and nor is the hygienist I need to see. *Sigh* I knew this was going to be the case, but somewhere deep inside, I was hoping, she was going to tell me because I am cute, I can have it all for free.

2 weeks time I go back, I am thinking she is making me wait, not because thats how long its going to take to make. But so I can live with the misery (but no pain) for the 2 weeks, so  by the end of it, I shall be begging her to give me them no matter how much it costs, hell its been 1 day and I am already willing to sell her my first born and the dog.

Of course, my partner is insisting, that its because they have to be made in a lab and she needs to give me time to get my arse to the hygienist. He obviously forgot to put on his tin hat and the dentist has gotten to him 😉


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