Running late

I fell asleep yesterday afternoon, this is a very rare thing.

My alarm went off at 2.30, then the second one went off at 2.45 I know they both did, because I woke up to both of them and put them on snooze. I am meant to pick my son up at 3.10, the very latest I can leave my house is 3.05

I woke up at 3.15, panicked, ran out the house, ran to school and there is my son sitting in the classroom. In desperation I apologise to the teacher and say I got stuck in traffic.

My darling son, the one who should have my back, piped up with “But mummy you don’t drive anywhere unless Daddy or I are with you”

Landed me right in it, the cheeky sod.

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2 Responses to Running late

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    kids…darn it…funny little guy though lol. ❤ xxx

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