When you move house.

I know that when moving, its tough to remember everything, but I promise you, do not forget to change your address.

I know a bit of a weird one, however I have lived in my current house for 4 years now and I am still getting letters for the previous tenants.

After 6 months, I got bored and started binning them, assuming that if they hadn’t changed the address by now, it was probably junk mail. This was the wrong assumption to make.

The first clue I got was a big burly man standing at my door, with a stab vest on and a camera attached asking for the previous tenant. Yep, he was indeed an enforcement officer, coming to collect a debt. It was very easy to solve, one council tax bill and my ID and he went away happy, till the next one turned up, thats when I started opening the letters.

What I can tell you is the previous tenant has a problem with keeping within the speed limit (52 miles an hour in a 30) really doesn’t like to pay for parking and they were at one point self employed and owe the tax office money. Oh and they haven’t remembered to tax their car, probably because I am getting the sodding reminders, so if they don’t pay it, they will be fined and their car seized.

I have no idea why their are still registering their car at my address, I suspect it has something to do with insurance, if I am right and its cheaper where I live and they are saying they live here, then if they do get into an accident they are screwed because the insurance will be null and void.

So far I have 3 speeding fines, 2 parking fines, one from the DVLA and one from the tax office, and those people you really don’t want to piss off.

The more letters I am getting the more the bills go up and there is no point sending them back, because despite, me saying not at this address, they still send someone to check it. I have searched the internet for these people and they have no social media present (very unusual name) and I can’t find them on anywhere else, meaning the roughly £800 is going to go up and up and up to the thousands, as more baliffs are sent round to me, I am sure with regards to the speeding fines, the police might turn up, or maybe they just take you straight to court and then let the courts deal with it.

So my advice to anyone who is moving home, make sure you change your address on everything.

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6 Responses to When you move house.

  1. stomperdad says:

    Sounds like they moved home intentionally… to avoid all those payments. Someone’s trying to scam the gov. and once they’re found they’re going to be in more hot water than they can imagine!

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  2. oceanhayward says:

    HAHAHA… We’ve been in our current apartment for 6 years now, and still get mail for the previous tenants. However, we just leave them in the lobby. I don’t know what happens to the unopened mail after that. I can tell from the envelopes though that some are power bills and credit card bills. Luckily, we haven’t had any bill collectors (or bailiffs or tax collectors) show up at our place… yet.

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