A major rant

As I was cleaning the kitchen, I suddenly realised it had been a while since I heard anything from the tribunal about PIP (disability benefits). I grabbed the letter and double checked, its not written on there, but a little digging about on google confirmed that the DWP has 28 days to send me and the tribunal their evidence. That has already been and gone, ok by only a few days but still.

However further googling just made things even worse. Apparently even if they miss the deadline, the judge, will normally grant another 14 days, and at times this is missed, so the judge will also grant a bit more time.

Do you know what pisses me off most about this? The fact if I miss the deadline, I would be screwed unless in serve cicumstances, such as I was in hospital or the death of a close one.

What I suppose really pisses me off, is that this seems to be a common thing for them. What they have to get their heads round is this is people’s lives they are fucking with, we are not just numbers on a computer, people do not go through this stress because they have nothing better to do, people rely on this money to eat. Its been over 3 months for me and there is no end in sight.

The Government needs to get their head out their arses and realise just how much they have fucked the vulnerable in society over. They are the ones that put this stupid system in place, they are the ones using an organisation that relies on turning people down to hit their numbers, they are the ones, who have chosen to do it this way and for everyone who goes to tribunal over 50% of them get their PIP, God knows how much money is wasted in this. To get to a tribunal, you need to be assessed, get turned down, go through the mandatory consideration and get turned down. Technically you have to be turned down by the same people, only for someone different to look over your notes and go no they are wrong. 50% is a very large amount of people, who have struggled through the system, probably had to choose between heating and eating.

This is not the way we should treat the vulnerable.

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6 Responses to A major rant

  1. gm1123 says:

    I don’t know what PIP is but the government where you are sounds just as shitty as ours! Big government is NEVER good. They forget that they work for us.

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  2. In my country, more precisely in the Rif region northern of Morocco where I live, we are still struggling to obtain our basic rights such as Universities, Hospitals and Jobs! Guess what? Most of protesters were arrested and jailed and are accused of treason and destabilizing the state security of Morocco! My prayers to everyone living in the Rif region.. Nothing happened, I just feel sorry we have to live here. I don’t know how to say this but I kind of envy you for your situation, I am not trying to diminish your struggle, you have the right to demand and fight for your rights, I hope everything will turn out well for you. For more info about my people’s struggle visit this links:

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    • I completely understand your point of view and you are very right to point it out.

      I think for myself, its what we have been bought up with, we are very lucky in this country to have free healthcare, free education (up to 18) and a benefit system. I don’t deny that, and personally I think these sort of things should be available to everyone in the world and as a human race we should be making sure we continue to try and get those for everyone.

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  3. It is just as bad here in the US 😦

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