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  1. gm1123 says:

    I would have to kind of disagree. Nicely. I’m neither left or right. There are things on both sides I disagree with. I couldn’t care less about pink pussy hats. But Obama care is a nightmare. The government is a nightmare. And if the players want to kneel, do it. Anyone with any kind of sense knows who controls their kneeling. Money, baby. You don’t see much talk about it lately—there are even patriotic NFL commercials. Which makes me laugh because it was never about civil rights or being discriminated against in the first place. The all mighty dollar shut that down. When ratings went down, there was not as much talk about them kneeling. It makes me no difference but I can only say I wish I were as oppressed as a man working less than a year and getting paid millions of dollars. What a joke. I don’t support white hoods, the kind in which this post refers. It was and always will be a horrible thing that happened and yes, may still sometimes happen. I know I have to do the best I can everyday. Spread love, not hate.
    Rainbow flags don’t offend me, shoving it down my throat like your/their lifestyle is any of my business is what I’m not very keen on…do or be whatever you want. But don’t ask for concessions. You have a happy life living however you want. And I’ll try to do the same. I don’t know much about Tiki torches. Pedophiles deserve horrible measures! No excuse!! And I say Merry Christmas. You can say whatever you wish🎄🎁
    *Side note—The ‘you’ I’m referring to in my comment is just people in general, not actually you. 😊

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    • I normally refrain from putting anything up regarding another countries politics, I have my opinion on Trump, of course I do, but if you are not living it, your opinion is always going to be based mainly on media. However, recently Trump has shared videos from a certain racist British group, which is by definition terrorists, a member of the group killed an MP while yelling their name. The group itself is vile and my the President of the United States sharing not one but three videos gives them some sort of status, whether in their own head or in reality. That is what prompted me to post this.

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