Drugs day 2 and 3 (weekend)

I am going to say right now, I am what is known as an advertisers wet dream, I am not sure how it works in my head, whether I am just generally susceptible to advertising, whether it has something to do with bipolar or the addictivness I seem to have, which also seems to be a sympton of the bipolar.

So on day 1 nothing seemed to change, apart from the conversation I initiated with a random stranger. I had to thank her while she waited for me to put my dog on the lead. Maybe, the manners my parents installed in me overrided my anxiety. My friend C said this is unlikey, I am assuming she meant my anxiety is so bad nothing is going to override it, rather than I have no manners.

Day 2, which was Saturday, I went into town to deliver my partner’s phone to him. I find its difficult to yell at him when he doesn’t have his phone 😉

Normally I wouldn’t go into town during December, I avoid it at the best of times, but November and December are no go areas.

Day 3, Sunday, we had my stepson round and we went to a new softplay area. I actually felt alright, it was weird.

I started this with pointing out how susceptible I am to advertising, literally something will come on the TV, the best polish in the world, and I am sitting there trying to buy it, double glazing, I want to buy it (I live in a rented house and have double glazing) getting a bigger penis, yep trying to buy (I am a woman) so I do wonder how susceptible I am to the placibo effect, in all the other drugs I have tried, its been the same they work from the off and then wear off after 2 weeks.

Lets hope that doesn’t happen this time, but 2 weeks is when we will see if they are working or not.

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2 Responses to Drugs day 2 and 3 (weekend)

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    When I see something on TV and think I have to buy it, I Google consumer evaluations of the product. By the time I finish reading them, I have changed my mind – no hurricane bathtub scrubber, no copper knee supports, no miracle weight loss pills, no neck support pillows, no second one free if I order today. They can make it look sooo good, can’t they?

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