Drugs Day 4

Well they didn’t last long, woke up this morning, in a massive anxiety tizz. I feel very sick, just thinking about going out. Not sure if this is the come down from yesterday, or what, I can feel my mood slipping, and I am very much struggling to motivate myself, it took me nearly 3 hours, to make the damn beds.

I am hoping that this is just a blip, and that you have to go down to go up, but lets see.

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15 Responses to Drugs Day 4

  1. xaspierudegirlx says:

    Sorry to hear about your anxiety and you are feeling down/hard to get motivated. I hope you feel better soon! Maybe spend today as much as you can relaxing and energizing your batteries. If your day is filled which it probably is! try to even get 10 mins out of your day to do something you enjoy and need to do for yourself. In a crisis sometimes it helps for me to take those breaks and just step back from life even if it is for a couple minutes. Wish I had more advice though other than that, I still have a hard time myself trying to beat anxiety when it comes on.

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  2. Lots of hugs and positive energy being sent your way.

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    Chug the dang beds and do something for yourself that is fun or do nothing at all. I no longer decorate or send cards and give only gift cards for presents. What a relief to realize I didn’t have to celebrate if I didn’t feel like it.

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  4. The holidays are upon us…brace up. 🤣
    On another note, only 3 hours to make the bed vs taking the whole day. So that’s a positive movement. Sending you lots of strength. X.

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