Drugs Day 14 (Tuesday)

So today was a test of how well these drugs are working, its not a brilliant test but it will do for a starter.

I had to go to the dentist, by myself. The dentist is a car ride away, its a lot further than I normally go by myself.

The app was at 2.20. The morning was pure hell, I didn’t want to go, I was trying to think of many different reasons as to why I didn’t want to go.

However, this was important, due to no longer having a front tooth, if I ever wanted to talk or smile without being self conscience I needed to do this.

I walked in and shit the place was so crowded I nearly thought fuck it, and walked back out, but at the back of my mind was my family and my friends encouraging me to do this.

So I sat down, I had nothing really to distract me, I had left it as late as possible to get there in the hope that they would be running on time. So instead I wrote what the first thoughts came into my head. Here they are

  • Dentist waiting room needs to be bigger
  • I should be told if there is a delay
  • I think half the waiting room are here to support one person. Nop could be wrong, think its a group of friends who have all booked to see the dentist as part of a day out
  • Five minutes late, this is not going to plan
  • I think I am going to start hating that clock
  • Should of bought a book
  • Should of booked the damn thing for this morning
  • Anxiety is about an 8
  • Who are these staff members who keep coming in and out, why are they not helping people to be seen quicker
  • Ten minutes late anxiety is now eight and a half and rising
  • I wonder if its a thing that all dentists are short. They all seem to be shorter than me, well apart from that dentist person
  • The 2.40 apps are now coming in. How long have some of these people been waiting
  • Shit, I can hear a drill and someone really needs to answer the fucking phone
  • Just noticed my phone and the clock on the wall say two different things.

And this is where I was called. I was waiting about 12 minutes all in all. It felt like a lifetime, however I kept it together, well at least on the outside. Obviously what was going on in my head was pure panic.

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6 Responses to Drugs Day 14 (Tuesday)

  1. Cyranny says:

    Your “someone really needs to answer the fucking phone” point made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of my visits to the pharmacy to get painkillers for my headaches…

    Each time I go there, I leave my order at the counter, and then sit until my name eventually gets called. The “laboratory” part of the pharmacy is an open space that all the people in the “waiting room” can see. Yet, pharmacists and their assistants walk around, and chit chat, and sometimes dare to take a bottle of pills out of some random cabinet… to put it right back in, because, let’s face it, it must be just so much fun making us hope we’ll get our meds before they close the store…

    So they walk a little more, look at some papers, walk back, grab the phone, talk a little more…

    And I always feel like going back to the counter and telling them very politely: “You know we can see you, right??” LOL

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  2. Suze says:

    Just some free advice from a person who yelled “the phone is ringing you morons”….don’t yell that. They call people who think white jackets are a fashion statement.

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