*Reblog* Anxiety – My Truth’s.

I go through a lot of these on a daily basis still


I know most of us go through Anxiety and Depression and will deal with it however we choose to. Everyone has different triggers and different symptoms but i want to share my truths and what i deal with on a daily basis as it is the hardest thing i have to do.

I will write below everything i go through as i don’t want this to be too long and boring; 

  • Wanting to go out without worrying too much but can’t bring yourself to leave the house.
  • Wanting to be loved but hate being touched.
  • Wanting to be round your bestest friends and have girl time but hate being in social situations.
  • Wanting to take your child to the park but fearing being judged and for how you look/dress.
  • Wanting to look your best everywhere you go but having no energy to do your make up/hair.
  • Wanting a permanent smile…

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