Drugs day 17, 18 and 19 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

After Thursday’s adventures, I stayed home on Friday. I am not sure whether its habit or what, but I don’t think a fire would of gotten me to leave the house. So it was a quiet day.

Saturday, now that was interesting. On Saturday, I got a letter from my council, I held my breath and prayed that this was about my suspended housing benefit, it has been 5 weeks now, which is 3 payments.

To be fair it was, it was a new council tax bill. The council have changed how much I pay to them, They now would like £250 in January and Febuary. I have no idea what this means and to be honest this bought me down, I know I can sort this, because they are going to have to agree to a payment plan but the main thing it means is my Housing Benefit has changed somehow, because they linked together.

You would of thought that if they had taken more than a five second look at my notes they would of gone, ah she suffers from anxiety, lets wait and make sure she gets this Monday along with the letter explaining what the fuck is going on. But no, instead they have set me into a spin and its fucking horrible. I have enough anxieties in my own head, without adding actual real adult ones.

I informed C that I would be moving in with her and was giving up adulting. For some reason she didn’t seem keen on the idea.


Sunday, we had my stepson, he is a great boy and a real credit, I don’t mention him nearly enough but that is mainly because both his mum and dad are freaks and don’t update their social media on an hourly basis. Having said that, this is the decision they made and I completely respect it, just like I would expect others to respect my decision not to share my son’s photo across various things. But the boy is gold and I love him a lot. Because I got to focus on him and my son, it took my mind off everything.


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4 Responses to Drugs day 17, 18 and 19 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

  1. oceanhayward says:

    I find the best cure for anxiety is distraction! Unfortunately, it is only a temporary fix.

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  2. oceanhayward says:

    Also, ha, I always say stuff then think, “oh, I should have said this too.” I’m such an arse. I hope everything works out okay with your housing situation. Will be thinking of you when I do my yearly prayer at Mass this Christmas Eve.

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