I am shit at this

So I started doing photos on what my elf was up to. I hit a problem, one I kept forgetting to move the damn elf, so was running down at 5am to do something with him.

When I did remember, I kept forgetting to take photos of him. He has done lots of things, we found him in the fridge eating yogurt, he ate all the chocolate coins (he enjoyed those.) We found him trying to get in the front door, sliding down the bannister. On Saturday, he wrapped my son’s door up using toilet roll.

The one thing I am proud of, is my son wrote a letter to Santa, telling him how amazing he was and Santa wrote back, a lovely letter.

santa letter

It says

Dear Santa

love the presents from my elf. You are amazing from matty

And there is a picture of santa at the tree delivering presents. Now I might be biased, but I think its amazing. He gets his spelling skills from me

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