Its wrong

Every so often I will see a news headline, that gets me angry, or some that I think well that is weird.

The ones I get angry at are the sterotypical ones such as mother of 12 demands a mansion while getting £200,000 in benefits.

When you look at it, you actually find a completely different story behind the headline.

I came across one of these today that I thought well that is weird and then as I looked into the article I was just angry.

The headline read Glee Star pleads guilty in porn case. I was like what? Porn isn’t illegal in a lot of countries, where the hell was he to get done for watching porn.

Turns out it wasn’t porn it was 50,000 images of child abuse. Yet the article kept using the words child porn.

Child porn implies some type of consent, yes most of us know what it actually means, but by keep using the term porn legistimisies it in a way. As the public, we should be saying no and if anything the #metoo campaign started this with saying what is happening to women in the workplace should not be normal and words can make a difference.

Reporters should be aware of the words that they use and should be pulled up on it, far more often then are doing.

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