To lift my spirits

I wrote just before Christmas that I was going to kill my friend M  and that I would go into more detail later.

Last year (2016), I was trying to get hold of a paw patroller for less than £60

paw patroller 1

She sent me a message telling me to expect something, this package arrived which was bigger than me, in it she had bought my son the paw patroller.

Fast forward to this year. I was on the look out for the sea patroller


Then all the shit happened with my benefits and the last few bits I had to buy my son had to be put on hold, she sent me a message telling me not to kill her.

Yep you guessed it, she had bought my son the sea patroller. She is the most amazing friend anyone can ask for, not just because she buys my son presents, but because she supports me. She is an avid reader of this blog, she shares a lot of posts on facebook. She is always there with a listening ear and she never asks for anything in return. She is a very rare person and I love her, even though her cupboards are a mess and I am going to kill her.


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18 Responses to To lift my spirits

  1. A wonderful friend, do you lend her out. lol 🙂

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  2. Suze says:

    she sounds amazing…now smack her! no one should be that good….;D

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  3. Cyranny says:

    Two thumbs up for your terrible friend 😛

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  4. margaeyre says:

    I’m sitting here chuckling. If you want to kill me you need to come up North.

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  5. margaeyre says:

    And given that your son may end up marrying my daughter, I better keep him sweet :-p

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