Drugs update

I did a little series on the new drugs I was on and I was very very hopeful for them. Over Christmas they worked a treat and I started feeling very good, the constant knot of anxiety in my stomach had certainly faded, if not had gone, my sleep wasn’t any better but I thought that might sort out in time.

However we are now in month 2 and they don’t seem to be working at all. Its almost like I am taking nothing at all.

I am going to give it to the end of these and then see if they will maybe up the dosage.

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5 Responses to Drugs update

  1. Suze says:

    the truly sucky part of anti-depressants is that they work for such a short period of time before we develop a tolerance for them..then we either need to take more or change them in order to feel good. Sorry hun.


  2. Beat Company says:

    The dose makes the poison. (Paracelsus)

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