Finished I think

After nearly a week, we have finally organised monkeys lego, shit he has way more than I thought.

Because he has taken all his sets apart, we are going to rebuild them, before we even think of getting him any more. I have already done one, which I have told him under no circumstances is he to take apart till we have finished rebuilding all of them. Finding the bricks for all of them is going to be a pain in the arse, but to be honest, he is so thrilled at doing this, its worth it.

I do keep finding bits of lego though, I cleaned up his room this room this afternoon, while making his bed and find a ton more. Then found more in the lounge, I am probably going to need more storage units for it, but we shall see what happens

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8 Responses to Finished I think

  1. TJ Fox says:

    Just a note, you will ALWAYS find them. 10 years from now you will find a tiny little snot, usually by stepping on the damn thing. They are cool, kids love them until they don’t, but they are like evil little weeds popping up everywhere.

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  2. xaspierudegirlx says:

    Legos can be a pain to find if you discover them by stepping on them. Lol. I never out grew legos, it was a huge interest of my brothers and I. One thing we could always agree to play together. I don’t own any lego right now, but any opportunity that arises I will still play and build with legos. It use to be one of the many perks of babysitting or hanging with kids. You can blend in and not look like an adult playing with legos. Haha

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    enjoy the building! ❤

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