And back we go

Yesterday Monkey went into school, after being off ill, I picked him up as normal and he was boiling hot, and the teacher said that his eye was gunky, but he had been a little trooper all day, I kept an eye on him last night and made the decision to keep him off today.

He is fine, I think he is just a really really good actor.

Seriously, his temp is bouncing around and he has moments of just wanting cuddles, which is rare now a days, nice for me, but gives me the indication that he is not 100%.

I think its important for him to learn that, if its just a sniffle, then he soliders on, but also he has to be aware that anything more, don’t go into school or work and infect everyone else, its not clever. Which is why the 100% attendance certificates drive me fucking bonkers. Congratulations for coming in and infecting the rest of the class/work or well done for being lucky enough to have a good immune system.

Anyway thats my rant for the day, because when Monkey is feeling better he is his normal loud  self. Hopefully tomorrow he will be feeling 100%

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4 Responses to And back we go

  1. Let’s hope he doesn’t catch a cold from one the 100%ers I know what you mean they are having a draw at college for all the 100%ers the winner gets an iPad. Which means my students with actual, real life issues have no chance 😔 Hope monkey fells better 😀😀😀

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  2. Donnalee says:

    That 100% is so unfair and unwise. It reinforces foolish stoicism and results in showing up to give everyone cooties–too bad all around. I worked for an elderly lawyer for 17 years and the only times I stayed home were when I knew I would give germs to him and his unwell elderly wife, and one time when I had such severe convulsions that I just couldn’t get downtown. Those were based in me having commonsense and not in forcing myself to go even if the consequences could be bad for me and others. Every other day of the 17 times 365 or so I simply went, even if I had basic period pains or mild stuff, like one does–

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    • Certainly when monkey was at nursery, there was a child in his class, with a low immune system. I think he had leukemia. We were always warned anything more than a sniffle we were to keep away because even a sniffle would be devestating to this child. I understand why parents might send their child in, for example not being able to afford to take the time off, but that is something the government needs to tackle with businesses rather than letting a virus go round a school

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