But mummy why do I…….

Need a bath in the middle of the day?

Because my darling monkey, I love you and although I get you have been sick and you were still unwell this morning, so we kept you off school, I need a break from the noise. I need half an hour to try and chill out, without the constant mummy mummy mummy that I only seem to get when I sit down.

While I am on the subject, you have a horrible cold, I get that, however it doesn’t mean you get to call me to reach your tissue that has fallen on the floor.

Hopefully the noise means he is feeling much better and will be able to go to school on Monday, however whatever virus he has is a nasty one and he seems to go from being fine to wanting to curl up and not move in the space of two minutes.

Also good news (and fingers crossed, touch wood) it seems to have missed me bad news, it seems to have hit my partner. But it missed me, so all good.

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2 Responses to But mummy why do I…….

  1. Oh hope it stays away from you. Nothing worse than when it takes out an entire household!!! X

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