Well darn it

After a week long illness, monkey was well enough to go back to school. Lovely I thought, dropped him off at school came back and bam, the anxiety hit me again, leaving me feeling very low.

I just wish it would fuck off. I need to sort something out to stop this from happening and I have no clue what, talking therapy didn’t work, but I wonder if I should try it again?

I do wonder what it is going to take to get my brain to be less crazy.

In the meantime, I shall continue curling up with the dog and the cat and hope this feeling goes away before I have to pick my son up

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5 Responses to Well darn it

  1. MegClift says:

    Your brain isn’t crazy. Anxiety doesn’t mean you’re crazy – it’s a part of you, in all your humour and wisdom. Yes, it’s a pain in the proverbial sometimes, but it’s there, and you aren’t alone.

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  2. Anxiety and depression are evil. Don’t pay any attention to it! (Easier said than done.)

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