The Batman Lego collection

I have finally finished building all of his batman lego and he is thrilled. The fact monkey had already built them and then taken them all apart is besides the point.

batman lego 3

This is photo 1, there are lots there, I am sure if you ask my son he can name them all

btaman lego 4

I could of probably done it in 2 photos, but oh well

batman lego 5

That white car on the end was a bitch to build

batman lego 2

This is the ultimate batmobile, its a car, bike, tank and some sort of plane

btaman lego 1

You put all of them together to make the one car.

After I had built all these, taken the photos, done the videos do you know what my son did? The cheeky monkey handed me another set of lego and said good game.

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4 Responses to The Batman Lego collection

  1. He’s got you wrapped around his finger…but that’s ok. 😊

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