Some good news, well I think

The government have decided to review all the PIP (disability benefits) claims. This is good news, because they decided that those with any health problems, didn’t need as much money, they didn’t take into account a lot of things for example if you only needed one grab rail, the majority of the time then you scored less than if you needed two, so sometimes this meant people were losing out on hundreds of pounds a month, sending a large amount of vulnerable people below the poverty line.

I am unsure whether this is actually good news to me. The report I got, basically says I can do things the majority of the time, which is true, apart from you know leaving the house. I intend now to write to the tribunal and point out a large amount of this.

So all this time I have been bitching about the delays, might, just might work in my favour.

Who knows, once again I can just keep everything crossed.

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4 Responses to Some good news, well I think

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    Hoping…keeping everything crossed? xox

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  2. It will happen. Everything crossed 😊

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