Why sometimes sleep is impossible

Last night, I go to bed, remember we hadn’t taken out the bins, so up I get drag the bins out, looked at the clock and it was 3am. Back to bed, still wide awake, start to feel tired, just dropping off, when there is a miow, then another one. When our cats want they can be very loud, this time my partner is woken up, lets the damn cat out the window, both start to drift off again. When there is a massive crash, Giz, the 3 legged cat, had tried to get to the windowsill, falling off the windowsill taking somethings with him.

Out I get, let him out of the window, pick things up. Swear a few times and get back into bed.

I swear less than 5 minutes later, my son is in the room demanding breakfast.

Here is hoping tomorrow is a quieter night

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5 Responses to Why sometimes sleep is impossible

  1. MegClift says:

    Cats. Stealers of sleep, provokers of profanity, graceless, rude and and clumsy. Why do we persist? If only I knew…..

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    I just love reading your stories of sleepless nights, lol I am so mean aren’t I? really though you have a way with words you crack me up they are hilarious. xo

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