My son hates doing his homework, I hate him doing his homework, its not a good dynamic.

He hates it for the same reason I do, when he finishes school, it should be finished. Technically, when we work and finish for the day that should be it, I know in the real life its not always like that (teacher springs to mind) but its the way it should be.

Now as he gets older, I would expect him to do homework, but he is 5, its not really him going to be doing it is it?

Reading at home, now that is important. Writing in the damn reading book, not so much, my son loves reading, but he also loves building. I have started encouraging him to plan his lego builds, that he makes up.

I often go on about this, but schools (well the government really) expect all students to learn the same way and kids are all different, I don’t learn by reading about it in a book. I learn by doing it. I think my son is very much like that. He builds something, if it doesn’t work out and falls down, he adds bits on or takes bits off to figure out where he is going wrong.

I just wish, the schools had the time and the money to make lessons more individual to different learning styles.

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8 Responses to Homework

  1. Britt says:

    I completely agree with you!

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